The Sentinel: The Next Generation of Police Mobility Scooters


Xtreme Green Product, a Las Vegas company, has created the Sentinel, an electric “police mobility vehicle” to help officers navigate crowds and busy city streets.

The Sentinel has three wheels, an aluminum unibody frame and lithium-ion batteries, and is capable of silent pursuits up to 29 miles an hour. It can even hop an eight inch curb to get on the sidewalk. If an officer jumps off the trike, an automatic parking brake stops the Sentinel in its tracks. It also has a super quiet electric motor. It also has a full light and siren package.

Xtreme says the Sentinel is “designed to replace the bicycle and foot patrol with a reliable, state-of-the-art, and efficient urban neighborhood and downtown patrol.” It is also expected to eventually replace the horse, in those cities which used mounted police.

Images: Xtreme Green Products, Inc.