Ebikes at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Here's some news about ebikes at the Los Angeles Ato Show:

—Smart’s electric bicycle: Not everything is automotive at the show. Several cars were displayed with bicycles and bicycle racks, and Fiat was showing off a special folding bike that will fit inside its tiny 500 subcompact car that comes to market this model year.

The German manufacturer of the Smart car showed off an electric drive version of a bicycle — the Smart Ebike Concept.

Like many production electric bicycles already on the market, the Smart Ebike is propelled by a 250-watt brushless DC motor in the rear-wheel hub and a 36-volt lithium-ion battery pack hidden in its aluminum frame.

Designed in collaboration with the Berlin-based electric-bicycle manufacturer Grace, Smart’s Ebike works in conjunction with a smart phone. A dock in the center of the handlebars holds the phone, which not only activates the electric drive system but also functions as the bicycle’s speedometer and GPS system. Removing the phone automatically locks the drivetrain, preventing the bike from being wheeled away by thieves.

The Smart Ebike is operated with a “muscle power/electric hybrid drive.” In other words, the electric motor kicks in whenever the rider pedals.

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